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Everyone faces some types of errors in day to day life but what is more important is how people resolve those errors.

There are many types of errors like human error, error in doing a task and more.

There are errors in computers also.


You heard it right.

The machine which we use to do almost every task has errors.

In this article I will be describing about all types of computer errors and how to fix them easily.

First of all, let me tell you what an error is.

What is Error?

Error is a word which is used to explain or describe about any issue which arises unexpectedly during a task or work.

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This error causes a part of work to not function properly which can lead to delay of work.

In Computers, Error can occur either in Software or in Hardware.

Computers as we all know are highly technical devices.

But, they are man-made devices and in doing any task human error is always taken in consideration.

So, Computers can have errors but occasionally as they are designed by professionals only.

Many a time the errors in system are not even recognized by the user as the user is only informed or alerted about major errors.

Small errors are taken care by the system itself because it is designed in such a way only.

Errors in Computer can be classified in different ways and to be more precise in it errors can be differentiated as Software error, Hardware error or both.

What is Hardware error?

As the name says, hardware errors are related to the hardware of your computer link Improper installation of a part in hardware system, Incompatibility of a part with your system, the component which is installed is faulty, etc.

Coming to the software errors now

What is Software error?

Errors which are related to the software part like downloading and installing a software from a non-trusted website can give access to different viruses to attack the system.

Also, some errors happen because of both software and hardware failure like drivers not compatible with the hardware, BIOS failure and issues, etc.

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No computer system or say operating system is perfect as nothing can be perfect. Each system has different errors out of which some are low level errors and some are high level errors.

Low level errors are those which do not affect the working of computer as seen by the user and high level errors are those which can result in crashing of operating system or software.

In most cases the user get alerts of major and critical warnings only.

There are many types of computer errors out of which Archive errors are the most irritating one.

Suppose you want to download something and after hours of research you finally found a good website to download that product, software or file.

You click on the download button and the downloading have started.

You have downloaded the file completely in .ZIP or .RAR format and now you definitely want to open that file by extracting it in WinRar.


“Unable to extract the file or package”

This message pops up again and again and you are now unable to see the file.

This is frustrating right?


You all must be thinking why are you getting this error message and what does this error message mean?


Well, the meaning behind this message is that the .ZIP or .RAR file which you have downloaded from a website is either not downloaded completely or is corrupted.


NOTE: Do not try again and again to extract the file and run it as it can also be a virus. 

Let’s now discuss about what are the reasons behind seeing this error message

There can be many reason for seeing this error message and out of those many reasons we are going to tell you about the main reasons behind this error message.

  • Reason 1 à WinRar Extractor software is not updated or is not compatible with your OS.
  • Reason 2 à The zip folder or the RAR file has few main files missing in it.
  • Reason 3 à The File which you were trying to download is not downloaded properly.
  • Reason 4 à The installed application/program or file is corrupted.
  • Reason 5 à Broken Windows Update.

There is one more type of error in this which the users can see.

The error is: “unexpected end of archive RAR Error”.

This error can also come due to many reasons out of which some are listed below:

  • Reason 1 à No space available in computer hard disk
  • Reason 2 à Low internet Speed
  • Reason 3 à Internet Connection Disconnected

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How to recover a file from RAR Corrupted Achieve

  1. Run the WinRar software and select the corrupted file/folder
  2. Select the RAR file and click on the repair button
  3. A pop up window will appear in front of you saying “treat corrupt archive as RAR”.
  4. Click on Yes button
  5. After the repairing has been done, click close.

You are good to go now with your new non corrupted file.

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