how to fix activation error 0xc004f074 in windows 8 and 10

Fix Error 0xc004f074 in Windows 10, 8. | malwarebrains [2019 Updated]

What is “error 0xc004f074” in Windows 10 and 8?

Generally, it’s believed that every user activates their Windows Operating System manually after upgrading it from a lower or previous version to Windows 10 or 8.

Unfortunately, some users had issues while going through the activation process and received an error code 0xc004f074 on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system.

It’s nothing to be worried about. We have managed to gather a list of steps to guide and help you fix this problem.

There are multiple methods that can easily fix the issue in Windows 8 or Windows 10 that you are facing while trying to activate your Windows.

Note: Follow every instruction in the given order to fix the error without hampering your system.

Now, with now further delay let’s follow the steps to fix the error 0xc004f074 and enable you to activate your Windows.

How to fix Windows activation error 0xc004f074

Here are the 5 easiest and the quickest fix for this error:

  • Fix using the slmgr.vbs command
  • Fix by running slui 3
  • Fix by running an SFC scan
  • Fix by running the Update and Activation Troubleshooters
  • If nothing works contact Microsoft support

Fix using the slmgr.vbs command

  1. To begin the process, hold down the Windows Key + X key on your keyboard simultaneously.
  2. Now, from the options shown click on “Command Prompt (Admin),” be sure to you go for the admin enabled option.
  3. Followed by it a User Account Control Window will show up, and here you need to click on ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  4. In the “Command Prompt” window you will need to write the following command “slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX – XXXXX – XXXXX – XXXXX – XXXXX”
    Note: Replace the X letters in the command with your product key. It is a 25 digits alphanumeric key.
  5. Press the “Enter” button on the keyboard.
  6. Write again in the command prompt window the following command: “slmgr.vbs /ato”.
  7. Now proceed by hitting the enter key on the keyboard.
  8. Reboot your system to see if its fixed.

Fix by running slui 3

  1. To begin this process, you need to hold the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.
  2. A RUN box will now come up.
  3. Here, you need to type slui 3 and hit the enter key or just click on ok.
  4. On the very next screen you will have to type in your 25-digit alphanumeric key.
  5. Now, click the activation button to proceed.
  6. Restart your system.
  7. Check if your windows is activated.

Fix by running an SFC scan

  1. Follow the step one of the first method to open the ‘command prompt’ with admin rights.
  2. As you did earlier while following the first method click “Yes” when prompted by a user account control window.
  3. Here in the command prompt window, you need to type in: sfc/scannow
  4. This process takes a while before it completely scans the system for any issues.
  5. Once the process is completed proceed by restarting the system.
  6. Verify if you still have the same message or if your system is registered.

Fix by running the Update and Activation Troubleshooters

If you still continue to face the error message, let us run the Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter as well. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Troubleshooter. Wait for the troubleshooting process to complete, and then restart your system to check if error code 0xc004f074 still exists. 

If nothing works contact Microsoft support

Finally, if the error still persists the only option you are left with is to knock the doors of Microsoft support team and let them know the error message you have been getting and ask them to them to provide you with a new product key.

In some cases, the key might as well be blocked by Microsoft for security reasons when a user might have attempted to activate their Operating System multiple times.

If you don’t already have an active malware protection, we recommend you to install Malware removal tool. This is the best security tools and utilities that creates a firewall against Virus as well as Malware.

So, to reactivate the product key or to acquire a new key you will have to call their support team.

Microsoft Support:

Conclusion: One of these methods will definitely help you with the error when followed in the given manner. But, to avoid any accidents make sure you have an active firewall to secure your Operating System.


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