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Fix ERROR CODE 1 in Windows 8, 10 – malwarebrains [2019 Updated]

Do you see a pop-up saying “WINDOWS ERROR CODE 1 FOUND”?

If yes then your computer is having some serious issues, and you definitely need a good anti-malware tool to remove this error.

This article will be focusing more on how to fix Windows Error Code 1 from your computer.

Windows Error Code 1 – Symptoms:

  • Windows Error Code 1 will appear on your screen and will crash the active program window within seconds.
  • Whenever the user will try to attach a new hardware device to the computer system or laptop a message will be displayed on the screen saying “This Device is not configured properly.”
  • The computer system keeps on hanging and responds very slowly to the keyboard and mouse clicks and inputs.
  • PC faces frequent crashes by Error 1 because of using same hardware device.
  • Ever experienced your computer freezing for few seconds in between your work? It is because of Error Code 1.
  • Error Code 1 can appear anytime. It can come during the windows startup or even during shutdown or during the installation of Windows OS.

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Windows Error Code 1 – Causes:

  • Not Updated, Not Properly Configured or Corrupt device drivers.
  • Malware or virus might have infected the computer system and have deleted the desired driver files and folders.
  • Faulty or incorrect hardware.
  • The driver not getting fully configured after installing the new hardware in your computer system.

The Error “Code 1” can occur due to many reasons and factors, so it is always important to keep your drivers updated or use a driver updater software.

Now comes the part where you will be reading about,

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How to fix a Windows Error Code 1?

Well, you surely are looking for a way to get rid of this error.

Here is the way.

All you have to do is Download Driver Updater by Driver Tonic in your system and run it.

Once installed, you will see a screen with a Start Scan Now button.

Click on it to start the scanning of all your drivers and their status.

Once the scan has been completed, click on the update now button if you have any driver which is not updated up-to-date.

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In case of hardware, hardware usually comes up with an online “Read Me” file or an instruction manual. So before installing always go through the Read Me file of that driver.

Many hardware or software drivers come with a CD Drive also which contains all the instructions on how to install that particular software or hardware in your system.

What if you are neither having the ReadMe file or instruction manual nor the CD?

In that case, visit the manufacturer’s website and read all the available documents for that hardware or software installation.

So now you might have got the information on why the Error Code 1 keeps coming on your windows screen repeatedly and how you should deal with it.

Note: Always keep the drivers of your computer system updated, and for that, you can use DRIVER TONIC DRIVER UPDATER by PCTONICS.


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