How to fix Windows activation error 0xc004c003

What is Error code 0xc004c003 in Windows10, 8.1, 7?

Usually, it’s supposed that every user
activates their Windows Operating System manually after upgrading it from a
lower or prior version to Windows 10 or 8.1

Unfortunately, some users had issues with the
activation process and got the error code 0xc004c003 instead and were not able
to continue with the activation process of the Windows 10 or Windows 8.1
operating system.

Well, there is nothing to be worried at all. To help you with it, we have managed to gather a list of steps to guide and we highly recommend to follow these steps to fix this issue.

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Various methods that can effortlessly fix the
issue in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 that you are facing while trying to activate
the product. Although, it is essential to follow the guide attentively to avoid
any potential damage.

Now, with no further delay let’s follow the
guide to fix the error 0xc004c003 and enable you to activate your Windows

How to fix Windows activation error 0xc004c003?

Some users reported error code 0xc004c003 while trying to activate the windows product, however

Speaking of issues, here is the list of the problems which users said:

  • Microsoft error code 0xc004c003
  • 0xc004c003 Windows 10 activation error
  • Error 0xc004c003 the activation Server Determined 
  • Error 0xc004c003 after change of hardware
  • Error 0xc004c003 clean installation process
  • Error 0xc004c003 product key not valid Windows 10

Here are the 5 easiest and the quickest ways to fix 0xc004c003 error:

1 Technique – Use the slmgr.vbs command.

Due to the fact, most of the Windows8.1 and
Windows 7 users are upgrading their product to Windows 10, so the servers might
get overloaded and likely can lose few connections. Most of the users who were
impacted by this bug or error code 0xc004c003 reported that it seemed to be a
server glitch that has already been fixed by retrying to activate Windows 10 at
a later time.

However, If you’re still experiencing
the problems, simply fix the activation error by following the below steps:

Open the Settings page from the Start

the Settings app, Navigate to Update & Security > Activation and
click the trouble-shooter option.

You can force Windows
10 to activate as well. To do so, follow these below steps:

Right click on the Start button and opt for “Command Prompt (Admin) from
the drop-down list,” be sure you go for the admin enabled option.

Followed by it a User Account Control Window will show up, and here you
need to click on ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Here, in the “Command prompt” window need to type the following command
“slmgr.vbs –rearm”.

Now execute the above command by pressing the “Enter” button on your

Now, wait for a couple of minutes before you reboot your PC to see if
it’s fixed.

2 Technique – Contact Microsoft after
the change of hardware.

Whenever initially you
activate the Windows 10 product it will register your

Hardware configuration with
the Microsoft activation servers. By doing this way

When you reinstall Windows
10, you probably won’t need to enter a valid product

Key because the activation
will be done using the digital license method which

Verifies that your hardware
is registered.

The activation process
using the Digital license method can wreck when

Replacing major modules in
your machine, like the motherboard or central processing

Unit (CPU). If you did make
any modifications to your computer

Hardware and Windows 10
refuses to activate the product, in such cases, you’ll have

To reach to Microsoft
Customer Support and let them know about the equipment


3 Technique – Don’t forget to upgrade to Windows 10
using Windows update.

If you own a Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 entitlement
and want to upgrade to Windows 10 the recommended manner to begin the process
is to first upgrade by using Windows update. By doing this way, your legal
product key will convert into a digital license for your device and, so now you
don’t need to have a product key to reinstall Windows 10 on the same computer.

4 Technique – Be sure that product key is valid.

If you have physically
entered a product key to upgrade then it might not be Legal or valid for

Activation, so now to
activate Windows 10, you need to use a different key.

If you purchased this key
then either ask your vendor to replace it or provide you a refund for

The same.

5 Technique – Don’t forget to check your Internet

To activate Windows 10, be sure that your Internet
connection is working correctly. If your Internet connection is working fine
then restart your PC to see if it’s fixed.

If the problem persists, be patient wait it out
because there could be a server glitch. In the meantime, you can also give a
shot in every 2 hours or so to check that Windows is activated. Several users
have reported that they have resolved the problem by being persistent, so you
might want to try that as well.

6 Technique – If nothing works contact Microsoft

Finally, if the
error still persists the only option you are left with is to knock the doors of
Microsoft support team and let them know the error message you have been
getting and ask them to provide you with a new product key.

In some cases,
the key might as well be blocked by Microsoft for security reasons when a user
might have attempted to activate their Operating System multiple times.

If you don’t already have an active malware protection, we recommend
you to install Malware removal tool. This is the best security tools and
utilities that creates a firewall against Virus as well as Malware.

So, to
reactivate the product key or to acquire a new key you will have to call their
support team.

Microsoft Support:

Conclusion: One
of these methods will definitely help you with the error when followed in the
given manner. But, to avoid any accidents make sure you have an active firewall
to secure your Operating System.

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