How to Choose and Create Strong Password

How to Choose and Create Strong Password

The Importance of Strong and Hack Proof Passwords

Many people keep their valuable information and files on a computer, and the only thing preventing others from seeing it is the Secure and Hack-Proof, Strong Password.

Choosing the right password is something that many people find challenging, there are so many platforms that require passwords these days that remembering them all can be a real problem.

Perhaps because of this a lot of people repeatedly use the same passwords or choose very weak passwords which further enables hackers to gain access and control of a computing device easily.

Therefore, your best defense against hackers is a strong password. A strong password is one a hacker can’t easily guess or crack using software tools and one that is unique and complex.

Secure passwords provide essential protection from financial fraud, privacy violations, and even identity theft.

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But how do you make a password both hard to guess and easy to remember? Both long and fast enough to type? The simple tips below are intended to assist you in making strong passwords.

We all are aware of the common guidelines to make effective passwords:

  • Include one special symbol, number, upper and lowercase letters.
  • Password should be more than 8 characters long (at least 15 characters long).
  • Avoid using house numbers, letter or number sequences, usernames, or friends or pet names in your passwords.
  • Avoid phone numbers, addresses, biographical information (birth day), ID card numbers, social security numbers, and so on in your passwords.
  • Avoid using any dictionary word in your password.
  • Avoid using the same password for the multiple accounts.

How to Choose and Create Strong Password

Now the problem with creating random unique passwords is that they are tough to remember. There are a few techniques that you can follow to create strong, memorable passwords.

To create a unique and complex password that is hard to crack:

Pick a sentence or phrase you can remember easily.

This could be a description of your favorite place, a summary of a significant event or the first difficult sentence you learned in a new language.

Let’s take the following sentence as an example:

My flight to Malaysia will leave at two in the morning!

Now, use only the first letter in each word, use the proper case for each letter, just as it appears in the sentence, and use actual numbers like “2” for “two” and “3” for “three” and so on.

Hence, as a result of this technique your password becomes:

MftMwla2itm! Don’t remember the password, just remember the sentence or phrase.

You can see that this above password act in accordance with the Strong Password Creation rule and it is also very straightforward to remember!

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Use your keyboard like a constellation.

Draw Meaningful patterns across the keyboard including letters, numbers, and special characters by using your imaginations. The shapes and figures could be your initials, your first name, or a triangular shape like a constellation to create a strong password of choice.

These two methods can generate random, unique, and secure passwords that are as easy to remember and hard to crack.

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In addition to strong passwords, experts also recommend turning on 2-step authentication whenever possible.

A wide variety of websites support multi-factor authentication today, including Dropbox, Gmail, and most financial and banking websites.

The passwords are the digital keys to our life, and a good password is all that may stand between you and a cybercriminal.

Therefore, while choosing a password, we recommend following the above steps which drastically reduce the risk and can protect you from extremely compromising situations in the long run.

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