5 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android – 2019

If you are a sharpshooter game lover, then there could be nothing better than this epic post on Best Offline Shooting Games For Android.
Well, this post carries a 5 top-notch featured shooting/ sniper games that complete the list, and you can play on your Android device instantly. This post also includes such games that are not suitable for kids. So, read before playing it.
To grab the complete knowledge about these A1 shooting games, we are jotting down the list for you. Have a quick journey to all.

List Of Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

N.O.V.A. Legacy- 4.2 Stars

N.O.V.A. Legacy is one of the best 3D sci-fi first-person shooter games. If you want to experience the game, you can download it for FREE -> (N.O.V.A. Legacy).

The game adds more punch when it comes to playing the game as the game offers you an amazing 3 D experience of a deathmatch mode where you combat with your opponent players.

You’ll be the Veteran Kal Wardin while playing N.O.V.A. Legacy, whose mission is to kill/ defeat the colonial administration forces. The game offers you 19 action-packed levels, a fantastic arsenal to craft & upgrade, Real-Time 8-Players PVP, and much more.

The gameplay offers you a console-like experience on your Android device. Moreover, you can test your skills by playing in multiplayer arenas. The game is fully compatible with an Android version and published by Gameloft S.E.

Initial Release Date ~ The Year 2017
Developer ~ Gameloft
Series ~ N.O.V.A.
Suitable Platform ~ Android
Publisher ~ Gameloft, Gameloft S.E.

Cover Fire – 4.6 Stars

If you wish to experience the new shooter game, then you must try Cover Fire now. Join the command and resist this battle like any sniper or a shooter.

When it comes to its graphics, it’s impressive. The game is an extensive collection of deadly weapons that you can utilize to attack opponents while playing the game.

You get to select from the diverse roster of characters to play. The game looks like a console game. You can choose multiple soldiers with their unique abilities and skills while fighting in the battle.

Bring the revolution and lead the army against the deadly evils in this exciting game of sniper.

Publisher~ Genera Games
Suitable Platforms~ Android, iOS

Mad Bullets- 4.4 Stars

If you wish to experience hilarious yet exciting game play, then there could be nothing better than a Mad bullet.

‘sIt’s one of the fast-paced action games when it comes to sniper world. The game is full of hilarious content and will force you to laugh out loud while playing with its quirky characters and humorous style game play.

Ranging from ninjas to cowboys, you have to defeat every everyone that comes in between you or tries to cross you.

Are you ready to play this serious shooting action game fill of mad bullets? It YES! Then Mad Bullets is the best choice for you. It’s a perfect game of sniper series.

Developer~ Tom Games Kft.
Suitable Platforms~ Android, Microsoft Windows.
Publishers~ Tom Games, Tom Games Kft

Lone Wolf- 4.6 Stars

Lone Wolf is one of the intense games when it comes to the best shooting or a sniper game.

The game tests your morals while you play the game. It also offers a variety of sniper gameplay and provides you with fantastic gameplay.

When it comes to its gameplay, it’s quite exciting and full of challenges at the same time. It’sIt’s storyline will keep you bound for a long time.

Are you ready to make the toughest decisions of your life? Do you want to divine into the real sniping action game?

Then, you must try Lone Wolf now! The game challenges your morals and provides you a perfect platform to experience a serious & downright brutal shooting game.
Developer ~ FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Suitable Platform ~ Android 5.0 & above.

Into The Dead 2- 4.4 Stars

If you love shooting and want to experience the endless runner games, then there could be nothing better than an Into The Dead 2.

Just like its predecessor, this game will not be a traditional shooter game for you as its the second series from Into The Dead.

The game mixes enough F.P.S. elements that you can use while playing the game. In the game, ‘you’ll be playing as a survivor in a deadly world of zombies & your aim to save your family.

You’ll have to collect weapons from the quest & upgrade them when required. The game offers you seven different endings. ‘sIt’s on you which one you’re going to pick among all.

Publisher ~ PikPok
Suitable Platforms ~ Android, iOS

Wrapping Up:

Well, now you don’t have to wait for the internet connection to play your desired offline shooting games anymore.

As we have mentioned, some of the best shooting games that you can easily play in offline mode.

If you think that we have missed out on any offline shooter game of your choice, please feel free to mention them in this post, and we’ll try them out as well.

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