Moz DA 2.0

Moz Domain Authority (DA) 2.0 is Launched Now. Check Website DA Now (Updated)

Hello Guys,

Yes, the wait for Moz DA 2.0 is over now.

The latest and the most accurate DA checker (as claimed by Moz) has been released / Launched today.

It’s time to check the domain authority of your website now.

Our team has found that the DA of almost 90% of the websites has been changed and the change is not positive.

Sites have seen a decrease in their DA by 1 or 2 digits and because of this many SEOs are now debating on open forums and question answer sites like Quora about what can be done in order to get the previous DA of their website.

Btw, this announcement was made by Russ Jones of Moz in an article on Tuesday.

Let us first tell you about

What Domain Authority (DA) actually is?

Domain Authority (DA) is a score which was developed first by Moz. This score determines the authority of a particular domain scoring it from 1 – 100.

DA is generally used to predict the ranking and strength of a website and also to see how well a particular website will perform on Search Engine Result pages i.e on SERP.

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Now you must be thinking how DA is calculated?

DA or say Domain Authority is calculated by keeping many factors in mind and by evaluating each of them individually.

These factors includes: Internal Linking, External Links, Total number of Dofollow links, Total number of Nofollow links.

Can DA be used to compare two websites?

Yes. DA can surely be considered as one of the main factor when comparing two websites.

Why Moz Updated its Previous Domain Authority Tool?

Moz updated its previous Da pa checker or say Domain authority calculating tool just because it was unable to filter out high DA spammy links or say blackhat SEO tactics.

Many sites have seen a steep decrease in their DA just after the release.

How reliable is this new DA 2.0 of Moz?

Earlier almost 99% of SEOs used to see their site’s domain authority on Moz DA Checker only and it was considered to be totally correct but few months back some minor changes were made in the Moz bar and after that people started questioning if this tool is genuine or not.

But after the release of DA 2.0 of Moz it can be seen that it is the most genuine and reliable tool to check the DA of a website.

But you never know what can come up next.

So stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Yeah, I saw it right now when I was about checking my blog da and PA

    My DA increased by 1,

    Does this I have nothing to worry about?

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