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Advanced Identity Protector Software Removal (Fake Utility)


Software Advanced Identity Protector
Developer Systweak Software
Classification Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), Scareware
Damage Level Severe
Threats Loss of money and confidential data
Elimination Download free Malware Removal Tool by Malware Brains (MBMRT) and run a full system scan. Alternatively, follow the guide below to remove Advanced Identity Protector completely from your system.


No one wakes up to the feeling that he will be robbed off his identity today. It just happens in the blink of an eye.

And if you happen to have the program called Advanced Identity Protector in your system, a nightmare as such may turn into reality any time soon!

Why the sudden claim?

Well, off late, we have been receiving questions about Advanced Identity Protector by Systweak in regards to its legitimacy. Apparently, there are a lot of users out there who aren’t too happy with the way this id theft protection software performs.

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What has voiced such suspicions? Can this program be trusted or not? If advanced ip protector is already on your system, what are the potential side effects you could be facing?

Let’s get you answers.

What is Advanced Identity Protector?

what is advanced identity protector

Advanced Identity Protector is a powerful security program for Windows that claims to secure the confidentiality of your personal data from online threats.

There are lots of programs and identity guards online that you can visit that are designed to help you secure your data, but what makes Advanced Identity Protector different?

Keep reading the texts below.

Designed and developed by Systweak Software, the program guards your sensitive financial information like login credentials, email accounts, passwords, credit card details, contact info, and more.

Additionally, it scans your browsers, emails and registry entries and even wipes out traces of personal information entered while filling online forms (at least it claims to do so!).

Moving on…

How does Advanced Identity Protector work?

When you download Advanced Identity Protector and run it on your system for the first time, it seems to be a quite useful tool – all set to protect your sensitive information online.

Next, you’d want to run a scan. Advance identity protector will identify dozens of potential risks on your computer and prompt you to fix them immediately.

To proceed further, you will need to buy the licensed version of the software which is clearly a money-making scheme created by its rogue program authors.

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What are the key features of Advanced Identity Protector?

Before proceeding any further, let’s get the basics right. Following are the key features of Advanced Identity Protector.

  • It scans all web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer for potential security threats.
  • It deeply examines Windows Registry and makes sure that no confidential data filled online are left unattended.
  • It analyses email clients like Microsoft Outlook for security checks every time you use them.
  • It searches all hidden private data stored in any file format on your system.
  • There is a Secure Vault where all personal data are stored and locked via. end-to-end encryption feature.

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All-in-all, Advanced Identity Protector scans all web browsers, files, emails and Windows registry to clean all traces of personal information and in the process protect them from identity theft.

Coming to Advance Identity Protector cost, it has both free and paid versions. But time and again, developers have been criticized for adopting aggressive strategies to promote its program’s license.


*Note* We should warn you that Advanced Identity Protector has been categorized as ‘scareware’ because it creates fake alerts and delivers annoying pop-ups and ads to promote its licensed version.


Is Advanced Identity Protector a virus? – An extensive review

Let’s get this straight.

No, Advanced Identity Protector is not a virus. Instead, it is a potentially unwanted program (or PUP) that is programmed to trick users into thinking that they are using a normal application to protect them virtual threats when in fact it is trying to make users buy the full version of the app (which is really not the case).

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Ah! Yes, not to forget, other tools from Systweak such as Systweak Toolbar and System SpeedUp, RegCleanPro, Systweak Support Dock and Advanced System Protector do the same too (STAY AWAY!)

Advanced Identity Protector creates a universal password to make it easier for you to unlock all your accounts. It also claims to help users to automatically fill forms, remove security traces, and sync all browser details for free.

But reality hits when you download the tool and run a scan. First, it will detect a ridiculous amount of vulnerabilities. Next, it will ask you to buy its premium version so you can clean up the mess.

The package will cost you around 39.95 USD and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Sadly, this is a scam. Actually, the seller is not Systweak, but it is some company named Cleverbridge AG. And no! It does not promise any money-back.

Amidst all bad, there is some good too. Any good antimalware program will act as an advanced identity protector removal tool and save the day.


Download free Malware Removal Tool by Malware Brains (MBMRT).



Common symptoms of Advanced Identity Protector attack… Watch out!

  • Multiple error messages or virus warnings
  • Fake security alerts claiming a virus attack
  • Annoying pop-up messages to make you buy premium license
  • You can’t access legitimate antivirus software
  • You can’t launch your antivirus software
  • Task Manager, Registry Editor, Control Panel, Windows Firewall etc. are locked
  • Fake online virus scan
  • Poor system performance
  • You can’t uninstall Advanced Identity Protector

Is Advanced Identity Protector safe?

Advanced Identity Protector does more harm to your PC than good. It displays spam pop-ups to trick you into buying useless services and make your system vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.

It even creates a bunch of commercial ads on every webpage you are browsing, alters registry files to mess up your PC, stores your sensitive information and helps cyber criminals attack your system remotely.

So no, Advanced Identity Protector is not safe.

How to remove Advanced Identity Protector?

A lot of PUPs like Advanced Identity Protector install some of their components as a software and some others as regular Windows programs.

The regular Windows part can be uninstalled manually from the Control Panel itself.

Follow the steps below for advanced identity protector removal:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows On the Search box, type Control Panel and open it.
  • Step 2: Click Uninstall Program.
  • Step 3: Navigate the list of programs and select Advanced Identity Protector.
  • Step 4: Click the Uninstall

If you do not want to do this manually, in many cases any good anti-malware program is better at detecting PUPs like Advanced Identity Protector.

***We recommend Malware Removal Tool by Malware Brains (MBMRT) ***

This wonderful anti-malware tool can help conduct the Advanced Identity Protector removal process automatically. All files are scanned and removed from your PC immediately. With MBMRT you don’t need to take additional manual steps to delete any leftovers.

How to avoid scareware like Advanced Identity Protector?

Advanced Identity Protector claims to be a personal security program that protects your identity online. The program is available on the official website and sometimes may be attached as a freeware package too.

So, here’s what you need to do to avoid scareware like Advanced Identity Protector.

  1. Always be careful while downloading free programs from the Internet. You may end up accidentally installing PUPs like Advanced Identity Protector.
  2. Install a trusted antivirus and set up daily automatic updates.
  3. Turn automatic updates of your operating system on.
  4. Don’t install suspicious anti-virus or anti-spyware programs.
  5. Don’t trust all error messages or virus warnings.
  6. Never click on fake pop-up alerts.
  7. Enable Windows Firewall.
  8. Keep browsers up to date.
  9. Avoid using suspicious websites, P2P networks and adult websites.
  10. Don’t open suspicious-looking email attachments.


Advanced Identity Protector is a threat that will interfere with your system and cause severe damage to your personal data. Manual removal may be quite tough as you need to be familiar with system files and registries so you do not cause permanent system damage.

Anyway, you can download the powerful anti-malware tool Malware Removal Tool by Malware Brains that will scan your system and clean it safely for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is advanced identity protector?

A: Advanced Identity Protector is a rogue security program that claims to guard your identity online.

Is advanced identity protector legit?

No, Advanced Identity Protector is not legit and may lead to serious security issues.

How to remove advanced identity protector?

Download Malware Removal Tool by Malware Brains (MBMRT) to remove Advanced Identity Protector from your system.

Is advanced identity protector a malware?

Advanced identity protector has been identified and categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that can create a back door for malware and steal your personal data.

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