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Project Free TV – Redirects to Malicious Websites

Classification Adware
Sub Classification Browser Redirect/Pop-up
Related Website
Damage Level High level
Symptoms Excessive pop-up ads, unexpected redirects
Threats   Redirects to pop-up ads and malicious websites

Project Free TV is technically an online tv streaming site where you can watch your favorite shows like Modern Family, Supernatural, Vikings, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and more for FREE!

But then, there’s a catch.

While some visitors find Project Free TV quite valuable, there are a lot others who do not seem happy getting driven into this site.

Like most streaming websites, Project Free TV make profit by flooding your system with nasty advertisements, pop-up advertisements, and suspicious websites and phishing sites.
project free tv adware pop up

Majority of these redirects are adware – some kind of malicious activity associated with viruses or malware that steals your personal data.

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Then again, some of these redirects can be as severe as making you land on gambling sites only to rob you off your money by stealing credit card details.

Confused? Scared? Let’s dig deep then.


What is Project Free TV?
Is Project Free TV Legal?
Top 10 Sites like Project Free TV

1.       YouTube






7.       Tubi TV

8.       Fox

9.       KissAssian

10.   TV Player

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Project Free TV?

It is an online movie and tv streaming site that lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. You can either stream them online or download and watch later.

The best thing about this website is you can even watch the latest tv shows as they are being uploaded every day.

Project Free TV adds video from all possible platforms on the internet. They gather such links from a “complicated system of robotic scripts, automatic indexers and user submissions.”

Too heavy?

In simple words, Project Free TV makes sure that the latest shows are available to you as soon as it is aired. The website as a huge database for both

  1. television viewers and
  2. movie lovers
  • For television viewers

The website directly connects viewers to leading network and cable television shows for free. You can even watch shows that have gone off air but were once very popular. Although there are some good streaming sites like Project Free TV, none can beat the popularity and reliability of this online resource.

  • For movie lovers

Enjoy both old and recently released movies on Project Free TV. But there is a catch though. While you have free access to all the recent releases movies you want, you may run into legal trouble for viewing them online or even downloading them to your system.  The site does not take responsibility for copyright violation.

This brings us to the next very important question.

Is Project Free TV Legal?

The answer itself is complicated. Project Free TV is not a video hosting website, but a search engine. In better terms, it is more like Google and not YouTube.

Time and again, Project Free TV has made it very clear that it does not take any responsibility for its content. In case any issues of legality are raised, they ask the copyright holders and the hosting websites to settle their disputes among themselves.

However in contrary, the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), makes the site that hosts unlicensed content more liable than the search engine.

Therefore, Project Free TV’s efforts to avoid legal troubles is not foolproof. Here are two major mistakes that can break Project Free TV legally.

  1. The website announces that it does not “actively monitor, screen or otherwise review the media which is uploaded to our servers by users of the service.”

So, by this logic, the website can only avoid monitoring, but it is not supposed to ignore copyright holders who send notification about specific violations. However, because the website shares contact information and guidelines to report about violations, it may be safe to quite an extent.

  1. The next mistake is tough to validate. Project Free TV will land into trouble if anyone slaps a legal notice saying that the website is intentionally providing a platform for illegal content. This is punishable under “contributory liability,” and there is no way out.

Project Free TV has never publicly denied that its platform is not used for illegal activities. But then, it does not mean the site does it, or neither does the operators know about actual instances of infringements.

So, is watching TV shows on Project Free TV legal? We would say, take your own call.

If you choose to go otherwise, here are a few alternatives of project free TV that will serve your purpose too.

Top 10 Sites like Project Free TV

The best thing about online streaming sites like project free tv is that most of them offer services for free. They contain a massive database of movies and TV series of every possible genre out there.

All you need is a relatively fast internet connection, some free time and a big bucket of popcorn to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

Presenting 10 popular alternatives of Project Free TV. Keep reading.

  1. YouTube

Possibly one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV is the popular on-demand YouTube channel. Off late, it has become one of the most visited video streaming site in the world. It streams movies, music videos and even television shows from countries all across the planet.

Then again, YouTube is a community site and the availability of videos isn’t guaranteed. You can find your favorite videos deleted tomorrow for any reason. But apart from this, everything about this alternative to Project Free TV is perfect.

What’s good?

  • It offers an extensive collection of the movies and videos.
  • You can download your favorite videos and watch them offline.
  1. com

It is another excellent movie streaming site that offers streaming free of cost. If you are so much into quick storylines, movie star re-caps and picky on genres, this is a pretty good platform for you.

Among the advantages include super awesome buffering, great video quality settings and easy to understand captions. Not to forget, the score video player is selected as default settings throughout the website.

What’s good?

  • Incredible video player that requires no manual instruction.
  • You get a quick outline of the films you are about to watch.
  1. is a popular movie streaming site available out there. It is highly trending on social media and is getting a lot of shares. Well, that’s probably because of its high-level HD quality that not many competitors provide.

Another advantage that really stands out is the users can demand movies to be included in its library.

What’s good?

  • It is very popular on the social media.
  • You can demand to see what others are watching.
  • Playback quality is displayed for every movie image.

It is another highly popular online streaming website. You can literally watch movies and TV shows of every single language on this site.

You can activate captions in eight different languages viz. English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese. You can read those in your own language while the video plays in English in the background.

What’s good?

  • You can watch any foreign movie while reading captions in your first language.
  • Captions are accessible in eight different languages.
  1. is mobile friendly. You can access this movie site as a guest user free of cost. The library is stuffed with all the latest hits and it keeps on updating every little while.

The website is very simple and easy-to-use. Furthermore, it has been designed in such a way that it does not strain the eyes, even after very long exposure. Lastly, on a completely technical note, the website is the perfect example of HTML5 innovations in recent times.

What’s good?

  • It is extremely mobile friendly.
  • The library has 70% recent movies.
  1. is a successful project free tv alike site on this list. It has a pleasant UI compared to other sites on this list. The best part is you can watch as many TV shows you want online without downloading any of them.

It offers the best user experience that you can possibly ask for. Enjoy latest releases on They are constantly updated whenever accessible.

What’s good?

  • It performs well on PS4, Xbox and on all Android mobile.
  • No lags even during peak times.
  1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another substitute for Project Free TV. All movies and TV shows streaming on this site have auto-generated default setting that functions according to the device you are using.

You can even adjust the quality of the video on your own. Like other sites on this list, Tubi TV streams Television shows too but does not focus on a single geographic location. It had a massive collection of TV series from various countries including Korea and America and categorized under different genres.

What’s good?

  • It offers auto-generated default setting for different device.
  • It offers shows from multiple regions.
  1. Fox

Fox is an amazing streaming site for TV shows and movies which can be considered as an alternative for Project Free TV. This site focuses on movies and shows from different genres, mostly American shows.

Unlike other sites above, Fox focuses on Western shows alone. You won’t find a tv series from other countries which can be a huge disappointment if you are not that into American shows.

But on the plus side, the website is very good to look at. It is clean, nice and easy to use. You can also link your social media account to Fox and share your favorite videos on your favorite platform.

What’s good?

  • It has a very good appearance.
  • You can link your social media profile and share videos.
  • It streams all the popular American shows.
  1. KissAssian

Just as the name suggests, KissAssian is a popular online TV streaming site for TV shows around Asia. You can find full episodes of ongoing dramas that are being broadcasted from different parts of Asia.

Countries this look-alike of project free TV includes are China, Japan, Hong Kong among a lot of others. KissAssian covers every other genre and you can find the full list of what is available on the site. There are Anime series too. You can find your favorites ones from the Anime Tab on the main page.

What’s good?

  • You can find full episodes of Anime series.
  • You get a complete list of all the popular Asian dramas to choose from.
  1. TV Player

And finally, TV Player. It is a free online streaming site available in the UK. This website is accessible from both the desktop and your mobile device.

It offers both a paid and free version. And the free version offers more than 95 channels – Lifetime, BBC and Discovery TV among others. All you need to do is create an account and register for your free trial.

However, the only disadvantage of this website is, if you are not from the UK, you cannot create your account. While the registration process is in progress, it will scrutiny your IP address if you are really from the UK. And if not, you will be automatically blocked from the site.

You can anyway use a VPN at your own risk to register and use the service.

What’s good?

  • It covers majority of leading channels including Lifetime, BBC and Discovery TV.
  • It is both desktop and mobile-friendly.

These are some good streaming sites like Project Free TV. Go through each website until you find the one that is ideal for your taste.


One way of watching movies today is by streaming them online with a high speed internet. With Project Free Tv you can download a whole movie while watching it at the same time.

Great, right?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is project free TV safe to use?

Answer: Though Project Free TV is a legitimate online TV and movie streaming site, the domain is sometimes associated with adware as it causes numerous pop-ups and redirects users to sponsored suspicious websites. We recommend you to use it at your own risk.

  1. Is project free TV a virus?

Answer: Project free TV sometimes display intrusive, aggressive and suspicious ads. It frequently shows up as pop-ups and banners which are usually signs of adware (a software program that enters your system through advertisements and steals your personal information).

  1. What is the best alternative of project free TV?

Answer: There are a lot of alternatives of Project Free TV. The most popular ones include YouTube,,,, Tubi TV and KissAssian. The list mentioned above should be enough.

  1. Why is project free TV not working?

Answer: Project Free TV has been down for a while and it may have been removed for copyright infringement. But there are plenty of other ones (the list is mentioned above) available that still do work.

  1. Is project free TV down?

Answer: Yes, project free TV down was removed for copyright infringement and has been down for a long time now.

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