Ytmp3 - what is Is it safe to use?

Ytmp3 – what is Is it safe to use? | Malware brains [2019 Updated]

Ytmp3: YouTube to Mp3 Converter

If you have been looking around for the best YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter for your favorite music videos, hold on, we have an answer for you.

The answer is video converter.

Beware: ytmp3 shows pop up ads which is generally known as Adware or PUP.

Don’t Worry!!!

Adware Removal Tool by Malware Brains can solve your problem. Read more to find out how.

YouTube is home to millions of music videos on thousands of genre. There are music that help you sleep, music that help you study, some that make you happy and some other that help you to workout.

There is something or the other for every music lovers.

Now, let’s throw in some figure and stats into it.

According to a recent survey by Pexeso, music videos covers only 4.3% of YouTube’s content. But 11% of the overall YouTube clicks happens because of them – which is a huge figure in itself.

What we can make out from this information is that a music video is definitely watched by the same people repeatedly. Such is the CRAZE among music lovers. No wonder, the most viewed videos on YouTube are mostly music videos.


YouTube has a major drawback. You cannot play YouTube on the background while working on something else on your phone.

This is one of the reasons why people search for YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter so they can lock their phone while listening to music and multitask.

Speaking of which, let’s move on to the next segment of our blog.

Keeping your best interest in mind, we will review one of most talked about, highly downloaded YouTube to Mp3 converter that goes by the name (I am sure, you must have heard about it!)

So let’s dig into its features, advantages along with what’s good and what’s bad about it.

What is is a free online YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter for your YouTube music videos. The best part is you do not have to install any software or register yourself on their website. You can extract any audio of a YouTube, right away.

Another reason why we recommend is you can play the converted videos on anywhere, be it on your Android phone, iPad or any other music player.

The site is popular for delivering high-quality output for your music (we have tried it, so we know!). This means you can save time by not having to choose the quality.

There is simply one limitation though. It will allow you to convert videos up to two hours only. The logic behind the limitation is that the website focuses on giving better conversion experience to its users.

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How to download and use

Here’s what it looks like on first load, very nice site, clean and no ads (again on the first view, there are ads later).

So, here I am all set to convert the popular ‘Sweet but Psycho’ (I looove it!). So, let’s begin by opening on my browser.

You can directly land on ytmp3 converter by clicking on this link.

what is ytmp3

This is how the website looks. Nice and easy, clean with no ads.

Step 1. Paste the URL in the box.

ytmp3 youtube to mp3 and mp4 convertor and downloder

A good thing that we experienced on is that the page is quite on point and there are no annoying ads. It is not loaded with stupid, unwanted advice on what are the popular video or which videos are converted the most. Who cares? Right!

Without wasting any more time, we click Convert (the blue button on the right).

Step 2: is now converting my music video to mp3.

is ytmp3 virus safe to use

It took less than three seconds to get my video converted.

Step 3. Now, that my video is converted to mp3, all I need to do is to download it.

Tap on the download button, to start the download process.

how to download ytmp3 youtube mp3 and mp4 convertor file

Also, be aware that you may be redirected to a new webpage which is nothing but an adware. When this happens, simply close the new ad window.

Step 4: You can download the Youtube mp3 to your dropbox account too.

download the Youtube mp3 to your dropbox account too

Generally speaking, does not keep track of your Dropbox credentials. You will only need to enter your data on the drop box pop-up and once it is done, you will be redirected to It will tell you that everything is good and you can proceed by sending the file.

It also means data on your Dropbox is completely safe. is only permitted to upload the file to your account and nothing more. When the action authorization expires, you will have to re-do the steps.

I would say, this looks good and it should work in your favor.

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Is safe to use?

Here is a catch. Some websites claim to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Now, what is this PUP?

PUP is a malware program that can harm your personal data saved on your system. Examples include adware and crapware. PUP install unwanted browser extensions and has unclear objectives.

With so many ads running on the website, the ytmp3 converter is considered to be unsafe. We have a few points that back such claims.

  • cc can modify all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) without your permission.
  • It has the power to install and hijack the browser you are working on. The most popular ones include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc.
  • Default settings of your home page can also be affected. When your browser is re-directed to misleading websites while you are on, it means you have already been affected.
  • Another major disadvantage is, this one can disable your antivirus and blocks Firewall security too. Scar, right?
  • It is a threat to both your online and offline experience. It is unsafe for your privacy and safety.
  • It can even connect your system to a remote server and let hackers steal your information such as bank account details, IP address, visited websites, credit card number, password, username and URLs search.

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How to find out if your system is affected by

If your browser is constantly redirecting to a misleading domain, it means you have been attacked by adware.

It happens when you accidentally open spam email, attachments, suspicious links, malicious ads, adult websites, downloaded movies, games, pdf, fake software updates, file sharing network, pirated software and the likes.

Deleting from your computer with our removal solution is possible.

Is there something that you can do about it? Well, turns out deleting from your computer is possible.

How to protect your system from

The answer is Adware Removal Tool by Malware Brains (MBART).

It has a dedicated anti-malware engine that does all the cleaning for you. You can scan files and folders that looks suspicious and quarantine them.

Download Adware Removal Tool by Malware Brains

Download the software by clicking on this link. Install and run a security scan. It is that easy!

Our Verdict

As a YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter, is fast and efficient. It is a very good service as it completes conversion without taking much time. Purposed achieved!

But, when the pop-up ads are added to the scenario, some goodwill is taken away. We would suggest to install it at your own risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is ytmp3 legal?

Answer: You do not have to worry about it. is a 100% legal YouTube to Mp3 and MP4 converter. Nobody has faced any issue (to be best of our knowledge) yet.

  1. What is the best way to use ytmp3?

Answer: Go to, paste the YouTube URL link you want to convert, hit Convert and Download. Yes, it is that simple.

  1. How can I download ytmp3?

Answer: The best thing about ytmp3 is you do not have to download it to convert your music videos. Simply, go to the website (no sign-in required), paste the YouTube URL link, click in Convert and Download your file.

  1. Is ytmp3 a virus?

Answer: Ytmp3 gets downloaded into your system from promotional pop-ups and ads which are nothing by adware. Therefore, be aware of its disadvantages too.

  1. Is ytmp3 safe?

Answer: No, it is not, mostly because of so many ads running on the website. If you wish to remove it, try installing Adware Removal Tool by Malware Brains. It should do the trick for you.


Can work for other video platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc? – asked by Lisa at The Hosting Institute

Answer: Ytmp3 as the name says is a youtube to mp3 converter. So there is no official statement saying that if it can work for platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion or not.


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  1. Earlier I used to use Ytmp3 a lot to convert my youtube video in mp3 format but after reading this article I came to know that this site is majorly responsible of spreading virus in my PC and redirecting me to anonymous sites.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  3. Magnificent website. Lots of helpful info here.
    I am sending it to some buddies ans also sharing
    in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your effort!

  4. Yeah, I was afraid to use Ytmp3 website, you know because of ads and popups and always give virus to my pc, but your article has confirmed my doubt that this website is not safe to use. Thank you very much.
    I downloaded your tool and scanned my PC for virus and removed all the virus easily.

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