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12 Best and Free Music Download Sites Which Are Legal [2019 Updated]

The internet is a sea of endless information and things you can dig in to. Music is one of the entities in this vast sea.

Finding out the right one can be challenging as some websites just want to increase the traffic laying a honey trap. They do not provide the direct information, instead gets the users fall into loops.

This is why we have hand-picked top websites which lets you download your music directly and for free!

Note: Do you know that there are many free video streaming websites also just like free music streaming sites?

Don’t worry you are not doing anything illegal unlike the websites that implements illegal downloading methods.

The websites listed below are completely transparent when it comes to legal matters.

So, check them out and save them for future references.

  1. SoundCloud:


It allows the user to be the owner! Yes, you can even choose to upload a song on it by specifying whether it is available for download or just for the streaming. It is one of the most popular websites that offer majority of the music to download for free. However, it might demand a favor of liking their Facebook page and then download for free. You can also browse the website by popularity, artist, genre, or postings. If you do not want to download the songs, you can stream it online for free!

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  1. Jamendo Music:

Jamendo Music

How about if we say this is completely by the concern of the artists that you can download music for free from here? This website has Creative Commons license which means that the artists wish you to enjoy their music without having to pay for it. If you have an artist in you, this is a gifted website fir you. You can upload your work in here and let the crowd enjoy it. You can filter the display based on your genre, artists or albums.

  1. NoiseTrade:


It allows you to listen and then spread the music if you like it. A part of any song is available for free streaming but for download, you need to enter some credentials. It is partially designed for promotional purpose. It connects you to the social pages of the artists you like to connect to. It also provides you with the option of tipping the artist if you like their work. If you are looking for free audiobooks or e-books, NoiseTrade has it all covered for you.

  1. Wynk Music:

Wynk Music

it will provide, manage and organize the free downloaded songs for you. If you have a holy grail of listening to Indian music, pronouncing, this is the best option for you to fathom. It has subdivided categories as Telegu, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali, etc. It also provides a choice of global and mainstream music.

  1. Free Music Archive:

Free Music Archive

If you find it irritating to download by creating an account, then this is surely the website for you. You can download the songs from here without having the need of creating an account. You can go through their blog for collection, artists, or songs that they highlight. You can also browse for selecting your desired genre. They have it all categorized as daily, weekly and monthly top charts. If you wish to interact with other users or if you want to make your own collection, then you can easily do this by creating an account.

  1. Amazon Music:

Amazon Music

If you are looking for a huge collection of songs, the one that is unbound by any perimeter then this is your right choice. Amazon provides thousands of songs for to download for free and that too in all legal ways. You can preview the songs, find your favorites by applying filters. Want to sort out the downloaded music list? Well you can easily do it in here. You can access them all on your Windows, Mac, Android, Fire TV or Alexa as long as you have an internet connection.

  1. SoundClick:


It is yet another amazing website that offers legal streaming and downloads directly from artists’ websites. Browse through your favorite genres and the top charts with SoundClick. Although the music is available for free download, some artists allow the download only when you pay a tip for the same. However, you can always stream and enjoy!

  1. Audiomack:


All of the music available on Audiomack is completely legal and free to stream. If you like SoundCloud then I’m sure you will love this one! For free downloads, you need to work out a bit by seeking if your favorite artist permits for the same! It has a Top Songs or Trending section which displays all the music that is trending. You can search for albums, artists or songs. However, you cannot find only the free downloads list. Most of the songs are in MP3 format and you need not to create an account to use Audiomack. Isn’t that handy?

  1. Musopen:


If it is classical music that runs in you, then it would not at all be wrong to call it your heaven! Musopen aims at preserving and providing quick access to the ones who live for classical music. It is easy on Musopen to find out your loved songs by the name of the performer or composer. The music is available for both download and streaming. Plus, the best thing on Musopen is there is no copyright restriction!


They focus on making it quick and handy for their users. They allow you to download your favorite song in a single click. It covers all the genres. It offers a collection that is fathomless or rather ginormous. However, it does not provide any preview option before downloading. Free downloads can be accessed and browsed through the categories as coming soon, new releases or you can choose to take a tour of the whole list.

  1. Bandcamp:


It deploys an interesting interface that says “name your price” which means not all songs can be downloaded for free but if you intend to download one for free and luckily if it is available for free download then you can enter 0 under the tag. There is an app namely Bandcamp app that lets you access your downloaded music in a much-organized way. Alternatively, you can stream the music on Bandcamp.


It is the reincarnated version of MP3juices which was taken down in 2014. It is a kind of streaming to download website that lets you download the track for free. You can search for your desired track and then it will make it available for you to free download. A savior tip is to be careful while using its video to track converter option, it might land you in legal trouble in some cases.

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Majority of the websites mentioned above offer the tracks in MP3 mode. You can go through them and decide which is the one you can hook up to!

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