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Top 6 Reasons Why a Web Developer Should Learn AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source, JavaScript based framework explicitly designed for building web applications. This is the reason why it remains one of the most popular and preferred frameworks by web developers across the globe. A Web Development training is never complete without Angular training.

According to Google Trends, popularity of AngularJs is exploding compared to Single Page Applications and KnockOutJS. It enables a developer to do less coding and thus save a lot of time. Angular 2+ frameworks looks far beyond the initial browser development idea and allows to build native apps for Android devices as well as iPhone. Let us see more as to why you should start learning AngularJS today:

  1. Manages Dependencies

AngularJS is quite a performer when it comes to dependency injection. It enables users to dynamically load the JavaScript whenever they need, due to the support of libraries like RequireJS. Dependency injection is highly valued when it comes to testing and  Single Page Applications.

In the case of testing, developers can split the applications into separate logical modules with AngularJS, each of which can possess dependencies on other modules. In this way strategic tests can be performed by carrying only the logical modules which you’re interested in. It also allows swapping the existing $HTTP service with the new $HTTP Backend mock for testing in Angular. It facilitates real unit testing as well as end-to-end testing.

The application is lighter and faster because the excellent dependency handling reduces the backend server burden.

  1. Provides an Absolute Client Interface

The client interface application is described in HTML, which is less complex and more natural when compared to JavaScript. In JavaScript, the client interface needs to be procedurally described, unlike in Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML.Making your interface characterized in HTML is sure to leave you with a lot of UI engineers.

With Angular, you can ditch conventional coding and focus on application execution.

  1. Offer Flexibility

The standalone functions called filters are  responsible for filtering the data prior  to touching the view. These are generally separate from the application and include processes like text string reversing, implementing pagination and arranging decimal places on the numbers. These filters can be utilized in servicers, controllers, view templates and directives.Filters are resourceful and flexible.

  1. High Performance

JavaScript framework is the most popular choice among the web developers across the world because of its benefits like robustness, effective integration with new features, ease of maintenance, ease of access and intuitive features. These days developers look for frameworks which require less time on debugging code, ease of access and extra convenience.

AngularJS is the right choice for web developers because it offers all these benefits. Its advanced  features like Routing, Form Validation, Filters, API client, scope management, data binding, I18N, animations and directives enables minimum maintenance to create web applications quickly and easily. It also ensures effective binding of latest features with the existing platform and the JavaScript framework support at each stage.

  1. Facilitates Parallel Development

Dependencies can make a web developer’s life difficult. JavaScript makes it possible to use patterns allowing it to be modular, which is further advanced by AngularJS. Rather than completely removing these dependencies, it makes them easier to handle. You can now drive plenty of key operations with the help of a massive grid present in the application. Also developers need not step into other services as often and can independently code and test their own services with AngularJS.

  1. Reduced Line Coding

Reducing the size of their code is what every web developer continuously strives for. You don’t need to compose MVC pipeline anymore, thanks to AngularJS. Additionally, HTML removes the need to use getter and setter, making the information model simpler to develop. Information tying further removes the need to place details into the standpoint physically. You can handle details on the standpoint level using the channels, without changing the controllers.

Head to AngularJS Today!

It is rightly said that Angular is HTML designed for building web applications. Angular covers the limitations of HTML and helps you declare dynamic views for your web application by extending HTML vocabulary. Moreover, Angular works well with other libraries, is fully extensible and its features can be modified to suit your development workflow. After analyzing these reasons, there is absolutely o way to deny learning such an expressive, readable and quick to develop language.

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